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The registration is open! You can now start your online registration for an apartment in Plaza West.

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The apartments in Plaza West are rented out online, via a digital process. This means that you can go through all of the steps from the safety and comfort of your own couch.

What to expect? On this page you can read more about the steps from your first registration to the festive moment of the key handover.

Online registration
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The roadmap of online rental

In preparation

Before you start your registration, we recommend that you check if you can meet the income guidelines and other conditions. On this website you can view the range of apartments in Plaza West. Have you found the apartment that suits you? Then write down the address. You can indicate this later during your registration with your housing preference. You can specify multiple preferences here.

1. Start registration

As soon as the registration has started, you will see a “register directly” button on the website. This will refer you to an online file, in which registration will take place. You create a login for this. You can then enter your details and upload documents in this secure environment.

2. The first match round

The first match round will start on a fixed date. Everyone who is registered at that time, meets the income requirement and has uploaded all the requested documents, will be included in that match round. The preferred homes entered by you are also taken into account. You will be asked to upload personal documents in the secure “My environment”. Which documents we request from you depend on your personal situation. There are a number of points for attention when submitting your documents, on this page you can read more about them.

You will receive an email if you have been matched with a property. The house will then be allocated to you for the time being.

3. If no match

If you are not the first to come out of the digital draw, you will not receive an email about this. Only when all rental agreements have been signed, you will receive an email that all properties have been rented out. It may happen that homes that have been allocated provisionally become available again. In that case, a new match round will be held. This includes everyone who has registered up to that moment. It may therefore happen that you still receive a provisional allocation.

4. Match = provisional assignment

If you are the first to come out of the draw, you will be notified by e-mail. You can accept the provisional allocation in your digital file.

5. Documents approved

The documents are substantively assessed by the real estate manager. If all documents are approved, the property will be definitively assigned to you and you will receive the lease. After you have digitally signed the lease, the real estate manager can also sign it digitally. Then it’s official: you are the tenant of your dream home! Congratulations!