Nice to meet you, this is +Jack!

In Plaza West you live completely carefree. And that is not only due to the high quality of the apartments, but also due to the presence of + Jack. This service ensures that someone is present to keep the building clean, intact and safe.  During the first phase (first six months), +Jack is present for 40 hours a week to walk building rounds, to carry out work in your home, to identify building disruptions and (if possible) to repair them. After the first phase, + Jack will be present at Plaza West 24 hours a week.

+ Jack is present Monday through Friday between 7am and 3pm. As a tenant you will receive more information about + Jack’s contact details.

Getting a frame on the wall? +Jack is there to lend a hand.

+ Jack helps with minor (maintenance) work on your home. You can think of hanging a shelf, changing a lamp or drilling a hole for hanging a painting. Do you need help with topping up the underfloor heating, a jamming door, or a filter that needs replacing? Even then + Jack is ready to help out!

What else does +Jack do in Plaza West?

✚ Inspection rounds
✚ Inspecting common area's
✚ Ascertain, communicate or repair malfunctions
✚ Submit repair requests for common area's and monitor these requests
✚ Direct point of contact for you as a resident
✚ Supervise compliance with housing regulations
✚ Maintain relations with contractors and maintenance suppliers
✚ Supervise (maintenance) activities in the building