Everything you want to know about Plaza West

Until what date can I complete my registration?

The first round closed on the 13th of November. At the moment we are working to match candidates and check all submitted dossiers. You can still start your registration, after the first match round we will match the available apartments to newly registered candidates.

What are the rental prices in Plaza West?
The rental prices for the apartments in Plaza West are between € 925 and € 1,695 per month.

The mentioned rental prices are exclusive of service costs and exclusive of costs for energy and water.

Is there a parking space included with the apartment?

There are apartments with and without a parking space available.

The apartments in the segments Junior and Comfort do not have a parking space. The apartments in the segments Comfort Plus and Royal do come with a parking space in the parking garage below the building*.

Next to that, there are 10 separate parking spaces for rent for €100,- per month.

*A small number of apartments have a parking space located in a different area, either at ground level or in the parking garage below building 6. These parking spaces can be rented optionally with your apartment for € 65,- per month. This is only applicable for the apartments with the following addresses:

  • Calvijnstraat 19
  • Calvijnstraat 21
  • Knoxstraat 8
  • Knoxstraat 10
  • Knoxstraat 12
What do I pay service costs for?

For the commons spaces that are used by all tenants, several costs are shared. For example the maintenance of the outdoor area, the cleaning of the entrances and stairways. These costs are being paid by the service costs. You will always receive a separate statement and an annual overview of the service costs. The way the service costs are being composed is determined by Dutch Law. You can read more about it on the website of the Rijksoverheid.

Service costs for Plaza West are as follows:

Gebouw 1 + Gebouw 6
– Without parking space    €55
– With parking space in the garage         €80

Building 5
– Without parking space     €60
– With parking space in the garage          €85


When are the apartments ready for delivery?

The apartments in Plaza West are expected to be ready in July 2021.

A lot of professionals are working daily to deliver these amazing apartments on time. But there can be unforeseen circumstances that can delay the construction. For example extreme weather conditions such as strong wind or frost, but also delayed delivery of construction materials. You will be informed well ahead about the final date of delivery.

I want to rent an apartment in Plaza West. What should I do?

You can start your online registration rightaway!

First take a moment to establish if you can meet the income requirements and other conditions. Next, find your perfect apartment using the apartment finder. Write down the addresses of your preferred apartments. Then you are ready to start your online registration!

Can I be eligible for housing allowance?

The apartments in Plaza West are being let in the private sector. It is not possible to receive a housing allowance.

Is it possible to view the apartment prior to renting it?

You must be very curious about the final result of the apartments in Plaza West! It is possible to plan a viewing in one of the apartments in building 6 on the first floor.  Each Monday- and Friday afternoon between 12:00 and 17:00 there are time slots available. Send us an email with your preferred date and time, and you will be assigned a time slot by the rental agent.

E-mail: nieuwbouw.wonen@mvgm.nl

Phone: 088 – 432 40 80
Monday to Friday between 8:30 – 17:00

What is the effect of the measures regarding Corona on the build and expected delivery?

On this website we mention the expected delivery of the apartments. At this time, the contractor expects that these dates will be realistic. However, the delivery date could be postponed, for example if delivery of certain construction materials is delayed or if there are further limitations as determined by the government. We will keep a close eye on this and if you are interested in renting an apartment, we will of course inform you about the date of the key handover.

Keep this in mind when selling your current home or ending your current rental agreement.

Is there more information available about the use of the sports fields?

Block 1 of Plaza West borders on the southeast side to the sports fields of football club SV Geel-Wit ’20. The sports fields are used by the club until approximately 10.30 pm. The sports fields are also freely accessible, it is a public area.

Is there any information available about the use of the nearby sport fields?

Block 1 of Plaza West borders on the southeast side of the sports fields of football club “SV Geel-Wit ’20”. The sports fields are used by the club until approximately 10.30 pm. The sports fields are also freely accessible, it is a public site.

Income & assessment
What criteria do I have to meet to be eligible for an apartment?

To be eligible for an apartment, it is important that you meet the income requirements. As a tenant, you must be able to pay the rent by yourself, a guarantor is not allowed. Next to that it is important that you can pass a credit check.

What are the income requirements?

To rent an apartment it is important that you can pay the rent every month, also in the longer term. That is why income guidelines have been drawn up:

For apartments with a rental price under €1.300,- per month:
Minimum gross monthly income of 3.5 times the monthly rent
A second income counts for 100%.

For apartments with a rental price above € 1.300,- per month:
Minimum gross monthly income of 3.25 times the monthly rent
A second income counts for 100%.

Holiday pay, fixed bonus and fixed thirteenth month count in the calculation of your gross monthly income.

Equity on a Dutch bank account If you have equity and this is important to count, we will count 10% of the assets as income on top of the other annual income. Equity from € 50,000 counts. In addition to your equity, there must also be a fixed income.

Do social benefits count as income, and (how) are they included in the calculation?

Social benefits count as first income if you are able to demonstrate that you can structurally meet the income requirements on the long term. Next to that, social benefits also are included in the calculation if it is the second income.

Is it possible to rent an apartment in Plaza West as an entrepreneur?

Yes of course! As an entrepreneur you can rent an apartment if you have your own company for at least 1 year and meet the income requirements. We will ask for a financial statement of a closed financial year, prepared by an accountant or trust office. The result ( net profit before tax) will be used as your year income. The average net profit over multiple years will be used as your gross income. It is good to know that we ask entrepreneurs for a deposit of 3 months rent at the time of signing the rental agreement. The deposit needs to be in possession of the landlord before the key handover.

Can I rent an apartment as a temporary worker?

It is important that you can pay the rent now, and in the future. That is why it is required to have an employment contract for at least one year, supported by a letter of intent by your employer. If you have a temporary contract you cannot meet these requirements. If you are employed through a secondment agency, we will look at your contract and additional terms to determine if you are eligible for an apartment.

Can parents or other third parties act as a guarantor if I cannot meet the income requirements?

No, it is not possible to rent with a guarantee of third parties. To be eligible for an apartment in The David you need to have a reliable long-term income that meets the requirements.

Where can I find the registration form? And where can I upload my documents?

As soon as the registration opens, a button will appear at the top of the website that you can click to start your online registration.

Which documents do I have to provide?

An important part of the online registration process is to upload the requested documents. Without complete documents we cannot process your registration.

The documents we need depend on your personal situation. Mainly, we will need documents regarding your identity and income situation. You will be guided during the online registration process. In case you have any questions about the documents or how to deliver the safely, you can read more about that on this page.  Of course you can also always contact the rental agency for further support!

How can I make sure my ID is compliant with the AVG guidelines?

To prevent identity fraud, we do not process copies of identity documents on which the BSN and passport photo are still visible. So make sure that your BSN and passport photo are not visible on the documents you upload. You can cover your citizen service number and passport photo before making the copy, or you can use the Central Government’s CopyID app.

Do I have to pay a registration / agency fee?

No, registration fees or agency fees are not applicable.

Before (or during) the signing of the rental agreement, the first month rent and the deposit (if applicable) need to be transferred using internet banking. A deposit is only required in case you are an entrepreneur, you are not able to fully meet the income criteria or other special situations.

How are the apartments allocated?

As soon as the registration starts, everyone will have the opportunity to register online for their dream home. During registration, personal data, information about your income and any fixed monthly costs are requested. This information is used to check whether you can meet the income guidelines. To support the information entered, upload the requested documents in your file. These documents demonstrate that the information you entered is correct.

Suitable candidates are then matched with the available properties. This is done on the basis of the data entered by you, your apartment preferences and any allocation categories. If there are multiple suitable candidates for one home, a digital draw will be used.

Renting & conditions
Who is allowed to rent and live in an apartment in Plaza West?

You are allowed to live in an apartment in Plaza West if you register yourself at the rented address in the Municipal Personal Records database (GBA) of the municipality of Haarlem, and live in the apartment yourself. It is not allowed to rent out the apartment for a short or longer period to third parties (short stay, Airbnb and so on). The signatory(s) of the lease and children are the residents of the apartment.

What is the minimum rental period?

You rent an apartment for at least 1 year. After that, you can terminate the agreement as of the first of the following month + 1 month notice. So for example, if you terminate the rent on the 19th of April, it means that the contract ends on June 1st.

Is it allowed to share an apartment with a friend or colleague?

No, it is not allowed to share an apartment with friends or colleagues. It is only possible to rent alone, with your partner or as a family.

Is it allowed to keep a pet?

Of course you would like to bring your furry friend or goldfish to your new apartment. This is allowed, as long as this does not cause any inconvenience for your neighbours. Make sure your pet does not bark all day, and does not cause any damage to your apartment or the common area’s.

Is it allowed to paint the walls or apply wallpaper?

You are allowed to decorate the inside of your apartment to your own liking. You are therefore allowed to paint the walls or cover them with wallpaper. However, keep in mind that if you decide to leave the apartment, you have to return the apartment to the original condition.

You are not allowed to paint window frames and doors. Also drilling in the tiles (bathroom, toilet, kitchen) is not allowed.

Is it allowed to place laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is allowed, if you apply the right kind of subfloor and if the laminate flooring is suitable for underfloor heating. This means that the floor needs to transfer heat, otherwise a lot of energy and warmth will be lost. The apartment has no baseboards, so you can choose the ones that match your floor. We recommend getting advice from a flooring specialist to make sure the flooring is suitable for underfloor heating.

What are the advantages of renting?

Renting is carefree and luxurious. You have fixed monthly costs, and no unexpected high costs for maintenance. The risk of the depreciation of the apartment lies with the landlord. Also, renting is flexible. You rent an apartment for a minimum of 1 year, after which the agreement can be canceled as of the first of the following month, with 1 month’s notice.

On top of that, you enjoy living in a modern and sustainable apartment, with a luxurious bathroom and complete kitchen with appliances, and low energy costs. Without making any investments yourself. Does something break in the apartment and a repair is needed? We will be ready to help you!

Quality & services
How is the kitchen finished and equipped?

Your apartment in Plaza West is equipped with a modern Bribus kitchen with integrated ATAG equipment. The white cabinets in combination with the black composite worktop give the kitchen a sleek and timeless look. In terms of equipment, you have access to an induction hob, extractor hood, dishwasher, fridge / freezer and a multifunctional oven with integrated microwave. Depending on the type of apartment, you have a straight kitchen, corner kitchen, peninsula or straight with a partial island. As soon as the floor plans are available, you can find the layout of the kitchen on them.

What will I find in the bathroom?

The bathroom varies in terms of layout and sanitary facilities per type of apartment. In any case, the bathroom has black speckled Mosa floor tiles on the floor, and glossy white wall tiles from Mosa up to the ceiling. In terms of sanitary facilities, you can choose from a single or double sink, walk-in shower or shower corner with door, and in some cases the bathroom is equipped with a bath and / or a second toilet. Once the floor plans are available, you can view the bathroom layout of your preferred apartment.

How is the separate toilet finished?

The separate toilet is finished with black speckled Mosa floor tiles on the floor. The wall is partly tiled with glossy white Mosa wall tiles, with white spraying applied above it. There is a wall closet, a roll holder and a hand basin set in the toilet.

How are the walls and the ceiling finished?

The walls in the hall, living room and bedroom (s) of block 1 and the 4th and 5th floors of block 6 are covered with wallpaper in a neutral color. The walls in the hall, living room and bedroom (s) in block 5 and the ground floor to the 3rd floor of block 6 are provided with scanned wallpaper with saucework in neutral color. The walls in the bathroom and toilet are (partly) tiled. The ceiling has white spray paint as a finish.

Do I have an external storage unit with my apartment?

Yes, you will have a storage unit with your apartment in Plaza West.

Will I have my own outdoor space with my apartment?

There are multiple options to choose from. There are apartments without outdoor space, apartments with a loggia (indoor balcony), a balcony, terrace or rooftop terrace. You can find the details about the included outdoor space on the apartment floor plans as soon as they are available.

Is there a ventilation system in the apartment?

Yes, the apartments have a mechanic ventilation system in combination with a heat recovery unit. This will make sure the air is fresh and filtered, but the heat is recovered to make sure as little energy as possible is lost.

How is the apartment heated?

Your apartment comes with underfloor heating, which is connected to a heat-cold storage system. In the bathroom you will have an electrical (towel)radiator next to the underfloor heating.

Are there extra measures against noise disturbance?

Plaza West is located next to the railway. That is why extra measures have been taken to ensure that the houses comply with the applicable legislation for noise exposure. For example, there are chambers in the ventilation system of houses on the railway side and extra attention is paid to make sure the window frames are properly sealed.